Seagoat Drawings -Gamzee x Reader-

Seagoat Drawings -Gamzee x Reader-

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Gamzee Obsessed By The-Cakepop Updated Apr 05, 2015

[A/N: Yo, G here. Im here with a reminder that Im reposting these from my deviantART account, uhh there will be a lemon at the end heh so yeah stay tuned my mothergrubers! Ô×Ô 

You lay in your bed thinking. Deciding whether you should go tell him. But then again, you could get rejected. He was a purple-blood, highest of them all. So why would he ever accept you? Wasn't flushed for Tavros? Your heart began to break thinking of the PB&J everyone seems to ship. You roll over and look at a blank page in your sketch book. Art block. You grunt out of frustration. You would go outside but there were.. people out there. You were sort of anti-social, so you didn't really speak much.

 You thought about Gamzee again. He inspired you to draw a lot of things, though he didn't know that. No one did. And you'd probably die if someone found out.

"Maybe I can draw a seagoat, and give it to Gamz!" You shivered with excitement. Then you realized something. If you can't even talk to a normal person...

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PortableTherapist PortableTherapist Sep 13, 2017
All I can think of are those puppet things that only say meep!
                              Ill go home
-_Nepeta_leijon_- -_Nepeta_leijon_- Apr 17, 2017
:33 < more like a.....mew! 
                              More like a
                              mEW RAWRRKWKWNAKODW BWOSJSWBEJDJDJDMMSMSM *evil laughter* *explodes into a glitter and catnip pile*
BabyTrashcan BabyTrashcan Apr 16, 2017
Uh, it's MY sketchbook, so I will draw what ever the mötherfuck I want *starts drawing Davekat yaoi*
TheMakarasBitch TheMakarasBitch Jun 26, 2017
There totally IS 'that' type of stuff in MY sketchbook, thank you very much
SeasideFerrisWheel SeasideFerrisWheel Apr 04, 2017
The day Gamzee is attractive is the day hell freezes over. How are horns even sexy?
williamcipher07 williamcipher07 Oct 22, 2017
I knew that he knew that she thought he didn't know but she doesn't know that he knows that