Seagoat Drawings -Gamzee x Reader-

Seagoat Drawings -Gamzee x Reader-

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Gamzee Obsessed By The-Cakepop Updated Apr 05, 2015

[A/N: Yo, G here. Im here with a reminder that Im reposting these from my deviantART account, uhh there will be a lemon at the end heh so yeah stay tuned my mothergrubers! Ô×Ô 

You lay in your bed thinking. Deciding whether you should go tell him. But then again, you could get rejected. He was a purple-blood, highest of them all. So why would he ever accept you? Wasn't flushed for Tavros? Your heart began to break thinking of the PB&J everyone seems to ship. You roll over and look at a blank page in your sketch book. Art block. You grunt out of frustration. You would go outside but there were.. people out there. You were sort of anti-social, so you didn't really speak much.

 You thought about Gamzee again. He inspired you to draw a lot of things, though he didn't know that. No one did. And you'd probably die if someone found out.

"Maybe I can draw a seagoat, and give it to Gamz!" You shivered with excitement. Then you realized something. If you can't even talk to a normal person...

Marshmallow_Sakura Marshmallow_Sakura Sep 14, 2016
Following the math, my patron troll would actually be Terezi. My birthday is 4/12. Also, as you can probably tell, I'm actually an Aries, making Aradia my zodiac troll.
JordanDrakon JordanDrakon Sep 17, 2016
Oh coo- wait did u say sis!?!
                              MOTHERFUCKER DONT YOU SIS-ZONE ME!
                              THIS ISNT EVEN REAL WHY AM I SQUELING SO HARD????
                              My dad said i need to go to a mental facility
EnderqueenPlaysMC EnderqueenPlaysMC Sep 27, 2016
but meh zodiac troll bro is eridan and I draw like a god and act like gamzee and ima karkat wtf ............btw I like howw gamzee said lil mama lol made me think of my bro lol ol
_luna_eclips_ _luna_eclips_ Oct 29, 2016
Me hmmmmm for sicence runs and steald dave ant terezis glasses hmmmm puts daves shedes on terezi and terezis shades on dave there I HAVE SUXCEDED AT LIFEEEE JUMPS OUT WINDO I REGRET NUTHING *breaks face*
Ok found out what a patron is and mine is ♍ and birth day is 3 and 3 so i am ♓