Again - Kim Namjoon FF

Again - Kim Namjoon FF

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🌸Soulmate🌸 By AngelFlowersdesire Updated Jun 21

I sobbed as quietly as I could, not wanting to worry anyone as they were enjoying the party. 

I suddenly saw a pair of shoes in my line of sight but didn't pay attention to it as my tears blurred my eyes, thinking that I wasn't seeing properly. But then... 

"Excuse me miss? I'm trying to enjoy this beautiful garden but it seems your sobbing has made it almost impossible to. Could you please stop making noise or at least go somewhere else? You're really disturbing the peace for me." He said coldly 

'What the hell? How rude! He didn't have to be so mean about it! I mean a girl is crying and he's calmly asking her to go away? What kind of man-' I decided to keep it cool as I was in no state to get worked up at the moment. I quickly wiped my tears and looked up at him awkwardly 

'Wait, why does he seem familiar?' 

"S-Sorry, I've just had a rough day, I'll leave I-" it was silent for a moment. Suddenly it clicked in my head. My eyes widened when I understood why he looked so familiar. 

You couldn't believe your eyes. If fate was real then this was it. After all these years, he was right before you, standing tall and proud. He was finally back. But he wasn't yours... "N...Namjoon...?"