Restoration: Dark Days

Restoration: Dark Days

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Much before the events of "Restoration". Maria, originally a demon and a bounty hunter trying to live life the way she wishes. Events comes together, emotions clashes, hatred is known. She would come face to face with the very reason behind her existence. An unforgivable act, and a war led by the Gods themselves. Will, Maria, be able to unravel the mysteries behind her existence? Those strange memories she holds?

"You do not remember do you?"

"You killed my parents! My mother who trusted you!"

"These memories...whose are they?"

"This is truly an unforgivable could I...?"

"I only meant to save her...I did not mean to..."

"If you cannot even grasp the meaning of your existence...then you are better off dead..."

"Remember who you really are, Maria..."

"If we had spoken what we really meant that night...could things have gone differently...?"

What secrets are held in this tale? What lead to Maria becoming an archangel? And if she discovers the truth, what will she really discover?

(This is the second installment of Restoration)

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