Orange Is the New Larry (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

Orange Is the New Larry (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

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Sam By onedirection23rd Updated Sep 02, 2014

Harry is a drug smuggler and dealer well across the world. He gets what people need anywhere. An international drug dealer. He was in the ring.

Louis was an unexpected victim in the whole mess.

They were an unanticipated couple who met in the airport during one of Harry’s ‘take homes.’

Louis was in his youth, 18 to be exact when he had met Harry, who happened to be not too much older than him.

Louis was dumb and naïve.

It only took them 6 years to get caught. 6.

Louis sped up the process for Harry. Louis was the one who transported the drug money to Harry.

But, Louis was never in it for the money.

He was in it for the relationship he never had.

You could say that they were an ‘unstoppable’ kind of couple.

They had dated throughout the 6 years they worked together and they did. love each other. Did.

After Louis couldn’t take the pressure of a missing suitcase full of money, he had to quit.

Quit Harry.

Quit everything.

It couldn’t be his scene anymore.

It was too risky.

Arguments arose and hearts were broken.

A few months later, Louis gets his life back together with a new life, and partner.


Liam was the complete opposite of Harry and that’s exactly what Louis needed.

But, what happens when Louis ends up self-surrendering, spilling everything to Liam?

He knows that what he did in his younger days was wrong and he knows he’s supposed to pay the time for that.

So he does.

Louis is sentenced to 15 months in a men’s federal prison.

And someone who Louis never expected to see again ends up in the same block as him a few days later.


[Based off the Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, with its own twists.]

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glowstickszjm glowstickszjm Mar 11, 2017
i cried reading the description, i dont think i could handle the whole fic.  #IAintDramaticEither !
michellesucks michellesucks Sep 11, 2016
Superficial love is playing and it fits so well with this part
BubblyStylesX BubblyStylesX Apr 02, 2016
I didn't see Louis being the innocent one in all of this lolz 😂😂😂
ThatOneGirl54 ThatOneGirl54 Jul 16, 2016
¡Es muy bueno! <
michellesucks michellesucks Sep 11, 2016
I cringe whenever Louis or Harry dates someone else in the band. But I'm all for Niam, Ziam or Ziall.
MyVeilisPierced MyVeilisPierced Jan 06, 2016
no daddy direction. Bad daddy direction. I don't want to hear about your daddy erection over Louis