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Fantaisy world online I : New Roads

Fantaisy world online I : New Roads

155K Reads 9.3K Votes 86 Part Story
KarineMazouzi By KarineMazouzi Completed

Ben is a 22 years old single office worker living with his university student sister. His favorite thing in the world are mmorpg's. When RetroGame lunchs the first Virtual Reality mmorpg, he is one of the lucky ones selected to receive the Golden pack. Ben sets himself to become the Emperor of New Roads! Follow him as he tarts his aventure from scratch and builds his legend.  
A science fiction fantaisy adventure story with a bit of humor, romence, action and a lot of crasy happenings and twists!

Rimplace Rimplace Feb 04
Yep, absolutely valuable and necessary. informations. Help thicken the plot. 11/10.
Rimplace Rimplace Feb 04
Yep, we pretty much have known all of it from the previous chapter. So would you kindly NOT explain it again? Sometimes I just quit reading when a novel keeps explaining the same piece of information over and over again, until you're sick of it.
KeimagMarkus KeimagMarkus Nov 03, 2016
What bugs me most is the switch from first person to 3rd person in the same sentence
nateSisar nateSisar May 25, 2016
Benoit ..for me its kinda ok...
                              Like this"BENOIT(bhenoauth)^___^
WattyAddict1357 WattyAddict1357 Jul 06, 2016
Two reason why the name came that way and I'm just starting to read the book😊😃😃
                              One the parents are chuunibyou😯😝😝
                              Two they are just parents being parents 😑