The Unintended Consequences

The Unintended Consequences

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Independent_Variable By Independent_Variable Updated May 14

" Everything now seems a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. Nothing is real to me anymore. A series of incidents changed my world forever. Seeking happiness, paradoxically, is the proof of sadness and loneliness. I am never asleep. Never really awake. Breathing is now just a formality. Waiting for the sweet death to take me into her arms.
I always wonder what happened to me.. what circumstances led me to live in this hell... and the worst part is.. this hell is my mind from where there is no escape....."

Will I be able to survive ? Will i be able to escape from this hell?

Author's note: Everything is there for a reason.

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P.S. Book cover by @beforehours .she is an amazing lass, do checkout her work ;)

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