The Omega's Hope

The Omega's Hope

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Hannah By HeyOreos88 Completed

Meet Autumn, the Omega of the Moonlight Pack. Burdened by scars that run the length of her spine, she has been left damaged by her checkered past. By the tender age of eight she had come to realize the malevolence of the world and so she tucks her powers away, concealing them from the hungry eyes of her pack members. 

Damon is the Alpha of the Shifters Pack. He prides himself on delivering justice to those who deserve it, and thus he is an upstanding member within the Lycan Community. When he stumbles upon a broken girl in the midst of the trees, his world is thrown into chaos as he grapples to recover the soul that wallows inside of her.

With uncovered secrets and deceit reigning true, Autumn's world is turned upside down and she is thrust into the ice cold waters of reality. 

And when an unbeknownst threat steps out of the shadows, what will happen to our aspiring Luna?


marwalovesbooks2much marwalovesbooks2much Jun 19, 2016
Should **have been awake.
                               I'm sorry I'm not trying to be picky, I usually don't point this stuff out cuz like 30 other people before me do but I thought I should point it out in case you ever want to re-edit the book and miss this.
- - Jun 26, 2016
Hey! Just wanted to shine some light on the slight grammar mistake in this paragraph. The word "restlessness" should only be "restless." Hope this helps :)
MartianVampire14 MartianVampire14 Mar 17, 2016
Thank you! I'm almost in tears...... I always wanted to the girl to be tall....I'm 5'11ft and I feel like I'm never going to get married because I'm tall? Since when was that bad? All the girls in stories are short.... :'(
LilMissMadHatter LilMissMadHatter May 08, 2016
Hold up now u kW ur different after 
                              Finding out u have powers as well as being able to survive abuse ? Seriously ur late babes
calmwolf calmwolf Oct 30, 2015
But I also think that you should put the rewriting in a different book
Music101011 Music101011 Jul 15, 2014
I feel bad for her. She watched her own parents die. That's sad.