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What's in a name? By worldgirlalways Completed

L-O-V-E: something that only happens in movies, books, and other fiction. I live in the real world. Heck, I have never even said that word. Bad words, I tell you.
* * *
Cassandra Evans does not believe in "love." Because of this term, people end up unhappy. She is the epitome of brutal honesty; one of her primary proclamations is "Everyone deserves the truth." She is strictly against lying and liars.
Enter our foreign exchange student, Julian Aylmer. He is a happy-go-lucky ball of sunshine. He doesn't know the existence of the term "hatred." The boy with the poke-worthy dimples cannot stand seeing the sorrow on her face. He wants her to experience what she has been pushing away.
What happens when these opposites meet?
Julian is keen on making Cassie feel the love around her, while Cassie is trying to teach this foreigner to see the reality. It isn't about making her fall in love, but rather making her realize the existence of what he calls a "beautiful illusion."
Can Julian really change her mind? Will his "dah-ling" actually give him a chance?
Hate vs. Love
Make your bets.

Winner of Wattpad Spotlight Contest.  Featured by the Duff.
Cover credits to moi + krisk-
Highest rank: #14 in Teen fiction
July 13th, 2014-July 18th, 2015

                              I wish everything in the world burned in tartarus
                              Dr Phil: ohhhh ok are insane
Moira425 Moira425 Apr 30
It's wattpad if it's hate then it's hate from readers on a character that ruins the ship so LOVE
KarlaAbad9 KarlaAbad9 May 12
love is the strongest force in the universe it can be strong at loving you or hurting you and breaking your heart
Both, because you can't learn to love if you can't hate, and you can't learn hate unless you love. They are both opposites, and like people say, opposites attract.
ClemLucian ClemLucian Apr 03
What about nothing ? I mean doesn't anyone likes to feel nothing toward someone ? It's just so satisfying.
                              I bet
                              Nothing because I just spent all my money on books