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His To Take

His To Take

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Khushi By KhushiAzim Updated Jul 01, 2015

Suddenly I smell the most intoxicated sent I have ever smelled. My gums throb as the delicious smell filled my lungs and I fought to control them. She came throw the door and went to take her seat in the back. I roamed my eyes at her curvy body, fisting my hands, they want to hold her and caress that sexy body of hers. Those pouty lips beg me to ravish them. Her eyes connected to mine and held them in place. In that instant I want to take her right there and then.  I can think the things I can do with that delicious body. I can’t begin to imagine the feel of my lips on that milky skin of her. My cock was painfully straining in my pants begging me to be free and to be lost in the depths of her heat. Then I saw redness on her cheek like someone had slapped her that’s when I lost my control of the beast and my eyes turn red.

Evelyn was from a broken house. Her mom abuse her. She doesn’t want anything big just to get free from her mom when she turns eighteen. But it started to seem difficult when one of her mother’s boyfriend started taking interest in her and then there’s this mysterious teacher who also don’t leave her mind.

Domenico Salvador was the new and intimidating teacher of Lake High School. Everyone can sense he is dangerous and ruthless when it’s come to his belongings. So what will happen when someone tried to take what is His To Take.

bubble_yum1531 bubble_yum1531 Mar 14, 2016
damn that was freaking amazing please update your book as soon as you can this is not a pressure comment you have a life take your time
And beside that jaw thing, didn't you meant that he can intimidate easily anyone, because if you really meant 'intimate'... well, that'll be awkward. 😂
XBeautiful__TragedyX XBeautiful__TragedyX Oct 12, 2016
It could be a split level or have a basement? Or she just forgot😜
It's kinda what we do at 11:29 we count down the seconds to 11:30 and when it turns 11:30 we sprint to the cafeteria
adirahharris13467 adirahharris13467 Apr 09, 2016
Just be the bitch. All to have to do is punch her in the nose as hard as you can. Its that samples👍
lovebooksmusiclife92 lovebooksmusiclife92 Dec 28, 2015
Love it, I just wish I could be there to beat the sh*t out of that sl*t