The Downside to Perfection ✔

The Downside to Perfection ✔

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Jason King is perfect. Whether it's the British accent, his flawless fashion sense or having been able to pick up life again after having been through trauma as a result from his kidnapping, everyone agrees that this man is immaculate.

However, things are never the way they appear to the eye.

While hiding his inner battles, Jason struggles to get through his daily life that's full of triggers to his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As the ghost from the past is haunting him, he tries to move on and continue life as if he'd never been gone--all the while keeping up a perfect persona. Because all he's ever been is perfect, after all.



Be aware this book deals with post-traumatic stress disorder and might be triggering.

This story is part of #ProjectManDown, #BoysDontCry and #FreeTheBoy to show you men can feel pain too.


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What others said:

"The Downside to Perfection is an authentic and enjoyable story!" - ZeroTrigger

"Wow, this was written so exceptionally well. All of my senses were completely engaged and I love how realistic your writing is." - GhostsInsideOfMyBed

"Never have [I] felt so connected to a character, honestly. His struggles feel so real, it's astonishing." - @BeZorro


This story is a spin-off to All The Things We Lost but can be read as a standalone.

Cover by @dysanic