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Cherry Blossoms Life Redone

Cherry Blossoms Life Redone

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kanshi-chan By kanshi-chan Updated Jun 28, 2016

Sakura always thought she had time, that everyone she loved would always stay with her, but that dream shattered when her parents were snatched away from her, right before her eyes. 

It was then that she realized the cruelty of life, but being only six years old, she did the only thing that made sense to her, she moved on. No, she didn't forget her parents, in fact, she remembered them everyday, every moment, the pain was fresh, but she hid her weakness, and grew. However, she made herself a promise, to always protect those near her heart.

Now, six years after her parents death, when Sakura had finally felt that she may just be healing, her past comes back to haunt her. Secrets are revealed, enemies are made, friendships betrayed, an ever dangerous threat over her head, lies unravelled and bonds strengthened.

As everything in her life comes crashing down, Sakura finds herself relying more and more on Sasuke and Naruto, as all three of them form an unbreakable bond.

AlwaysTisha87 AlwaysTisha87 Feb 10, 2016
My friends told me "bae" means poop in another language. They could be wrong though.
Jungkooks_Butterfly Jungkooks_Butterfly Jun 29, 2016
this makes me realize how much i suck at writing fanfiction......and it kinda saddens me...well then
poptart102 poptart102 Apr 11, 2016
damn!! you sure know how to write a story! This is your first time writing a fan fiction? Job well done.
Lady_Shiari Lady_Shiari Jan 27, 2016
Sorry, but what does taka-oji-chan mean? oji is uncle and change is an honorific, doesn't the root of taka mean Hawk or something...?
cupcakegirl216 cupcakegirl216 Feb 23, 2016
she is my favorite character in naruto  . sakura is soooooooooooooooo cute
sakura2443 sakura2443 May 13, 2015
I love u and sakura if anyone thinks she's weak they got a problem