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My Possessive Teacher [Teacher/Student] (BoyxBoy)

My Possessive Teacher [Teacher/Student] (BoyxBoy)

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SophiaOtaku By SophiaOtaku Updated Dec 28, 2014

[WARNING!Contains boyxboy love! If you don't like this kinda of stories, please don't read any forward.]  Edwin is a average 17 year old boy, with a half time job, two wondeful kittens that make his day at home, a best friend who cheers him up at school. Everyone knows he's gay,but not everyone knows his past and what happens at home. Edwin always had this huge crush on his Best friends brother, Jonnathan, a total Player, the super popular. The thing is, Jonnatha isn't like his idiotic and ignorant friends; a homophobic. Jonnathan, living with his sister thats actually lesbian, he been accepting homosexuality, slowly. Nobody knows, thought, that Ethan,the hottie in school is gay, not even Edwin, his only actually and true guy friend. He also has a secret under his pillow, not only him, but Jonnathan as well. But things start to get wild once Archer Flynn enters the school to tutor those with low grades. Secrets get revealed by all this mess, shocking Edwin in progress.   What will Edwin do when rumors start spreading around school about who his crush is? What will Jonnathan do when he gets this rumor? What will Edwin do when his only guy friend confesses his love towards him? Will Jonnathan clear his feelings and emotions towards Edwin?Will Archer do something about all this mess? Will Archer claim his mate,Edwin? Will Edwin accept the true that came out from the dark? Will Jonnathan, Ethan and Archer fight for Edwins love?  Who will Edwin choose between those 3? His crush? His only guy friend? Or, His Possessive Teacher?  Find out along Edwin! ♥

Wait, is your husband a woman or is the she's a typo. I'm not judging. I just wanna know.
My whole school okay with it. I was surprised. But most of my friends are gay so. I'm straight though. 😝
I'm sorry but when I saw pussy I busted out laughing. Go ahead slap me.
Black_Bleach Black_Bleach Jul 15, 2016
In the bible it does not say it's a sin to be married to the same sex. So BOOM! I hate people like that.
yoonminsaesthetic yoonminsaesthetic Mar 19, 2016
Dedamola1997 Dedamola1997 May 09, 2016
I like how you describe this story. It really interesting and I can't wait to read it