Proud of You (Watty Awards Finalist 2012)

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officialDM By officialDM Completed
A short story about a girl understanding the true value of friendship.
A beautiful, honest story that really encapsulates all that such a relationship feels like. I think it's the sort of story that a lot of people can relate to, even if it's not the exact same situation. "Proud Of You" is a story that you should be really proud of (pardon the pun).
Wow, that has to be the best story on here. You made me feel an ache in my heart because of how realistic and non-clichéd this beautiful story is. I love that you're spelling and grammar are perfect.This is a beautiful story, I loved it =)
This was beautiful, and I'm so happy because there's a happy ending but its not cliche.
This was amazingly beautiful, and I love your writing style so much! :)
This is now my favourite story on wattpad! It was not long, and was really beautiful! You are amazing keep up the good work :D
Holy Sh!t this made me cry! Damn it you stupid silly girl! stupid stupid Stupid STUPIDDD!!!!! But yeah I cried it was sad and heart breaking! I guess moral of the story: FnCK WHAT FRIENDS SAY XD