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The Twilight Saga:Falling Stars [ON HOLD]

The Twilight Saga:Falling Stars [ON HOLD]

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dogpower77 By dogpower77 Updated Apr 13, 2011

Its been 2 years since Edward and Bella had there beautiful daughter Renesmee, Since Bella became Immortal, Since the fight with the Volturi happly failed..... wondering what  there up to these days? Your here to find out!

After going on a hunting trip, they find out someones following them.... A vampire... but who? Masey Charinton, Edwards former human best friend pays a visit.... After years of being apart, they rejoin each other.... spending alot of time together, making Bella jealous.  One night she over hears Masey talking to someone, about taking Edward away from her.... Knowing Bella, she freaks out.... she confronts Edward, who believes shes lieing.  With no other choice she turns to the Volturi....wanting to die. Will they kill her? Will Masey take Edward away from Bella? Will Edward go after her? And does he still have enought time to save her?

Natalie789 Natalie789 Mar 24, 2012
I think you should write this story you have an amazing plot line set up, please continue writing for us:)!!
BeingAJackson BeingAJackson Jan 31, 2012
@sunnysideyim you don't know what ur saying. ITS A MYSTECAL STORY!!!! No correcting spelling and grammar. DO NOT DELETE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!
FreyjaArianne FreyjaArianne Oct 23, 2011
i love it soumds like so much drama please write full length
GrrrMonster GrrrMonster Apr 06, 2011
                              I do admire your ideas, but who really cares about grammer when it isn't really part of the story. I guess what I mean is that...
                              YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SO HARSH!!!
chocolatepeanut47 chocolatepeanut47 Apr 05, 2011
Omg can't wait for you to upload more. And sunnysideyim is just jeleous that u have such good ideas about what to write:) love ur stories and right some more. I am so glad you didn't quit wattpad:D
Desdes1701 Desdes1701 Apr 01, 2011
okay first thing love it second the person under me is being way to critical i mean you only wrote one paragraph