Virgin Prophecy

Virgin Prophecy

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Xtina By xxtuna Updated Jul 15, 2015

Rachel Elizabeth Dare was seriously fucked. As soon as the eery glowing green eyes replaced her own, the Oracle bitch of Delphi completely hijacked her body.

And the feeling? How does one even begin to explain the feeling of being possessed and spouting ridiculous prophecies?

Yet Rachel still managed to shake it off as if it were nothing. As if it didn't change her. As if she never woke up with a seriously killer head ache, totally confused about her location and the swarm of demi-gods surrounding her, screaming, "WHAT DOES IT MEAN?"

She gets incredibly tired sometimes, she'll admit. The possession. The knowledge of her close friend's fates. Their demises. Their secrets.

And then a prophecy like this comes along...

One who is untouched and pure, 

will die if not given a lover's cure. 

The fate of the world depends on this, 

Or it will end in death's cold kiss.

Annnnd she's the VIRGIN Oracle.

Untouched and pure.

Double fucked.

But hey, nobody really dies a virgin, right?


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