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VampireAddict247 By VampireAddict247 Updated Apr 09, 2011

The entire world has become infected with a deadly virus that kills anyone it comes in contact with. If you’re lucky enough that it doesn’t, what happens is worse: you become a mindless, flesh-craving zombie. Family member turns against family member, friend against friend, lover against lover. And the saddest thing? They have no idea or control of what they’re doing. A bite, or scratch, or even a touch from an infected person can kill you, but not always instantly.

Seven teenagers are the only survivors. 17-year-old October Knox, her boyfriend Ryan Morris, her best friends Charity Downs, Annabelle Sweet and Victoria Grey, and his best friends Brandon Hanson and Trey Nash have lost absolutely everything. All they have is each other. They’re constantly running, trying to get by every day, each silently wondering how much longer they’ll last. Protecting each other every step of the way. But, decisions will have to be made when one of them starts showing symptoms…

Hey, I never said all of them would make it out alive. To find out who survives and who doesn’t, read Ravenous.

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