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"So when is it a problem?
Oh, when you're in love."

Simon St. John is a liar, a cheater, a fraud -- but only because he has to be. Born with the ability to shape shift, his childhood was mostly spent learning to control his many faces in a world where most people only wear one. In fact, it was almost fun, in a way, until he met Valerie Love.

Valerie Love is a college student fresh out of luck. For years she has watched her friends fall in and out of love, test the waters of relationships, earn their stripes in the wondrous field of romance. Valerie, however, has watched from the sidelines, passing face after face, meeting person after person without forming many connections. She has mostly given up on the idea of searching for love, until Simon lends her a new hope.

Follow the strange story of college students Simon St. John and Valerie Love as one finally discovers the true definition of identity, and the other questions what it really is to be known.