Queen of Fire & Blood [Watty's 2019]

Queen of Fire & Blood [Watty's 2019]

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SarahBeth9009 By SarahBeth9009 Updated Jul 30


Figuring out what you want from life is never easy, for loner Bria, it's almost impossible. She thought going on a solo trip through Norway would be a good idea - a way to learn more about her heritage and do some soul searching.

She didn't plan on falling through a stone portal into a new realm.

Now, Bria is stuck in a land full of Vikings, where dark magic and war is all they know. But a myth tells of a warrior who will enter Volheimer and save them all, freeing them from their imprisonment between worlds. 

But Bria isn't anyone's savior.


Alarik is the new King of Daganold and he isn't ready. His father wasn't meant to die on the battlefield, not yet. But such is the will of the gods, damn them. 

He doesn't believe in the myth, in the stories they tell children to explain their existence. But then a woman with striking eyes and sharp witt falls into his care, he doesn't know what he believes anymore.

Is it true? Is their time stuck between worlds truly coming to end?


• Amazing cover by Storms_and_seas

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