The Brooch Of Storisvaria

The Brooch Of Storisvaria

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Karen A. Granovsky By KarenAGranovsky Updated 10 hours ago

The definitely epic fantasy adventure!

Sayest is an ordinary farm boy living with his two gay uncles in the rather unusual village of Knight's Dame in the far off land of Rasara.

But his somewhat normal life is turned upside down when he receives something from a dying man he finds alone in the woods by his farm. That something is the mythical Brooch of Storisvaria, said to rest upon the breasts of kings and give its wearers indescribable powers. And it seems someone is willing to do just about anything to get it back.

Accompanied by his companions, the noble but not-so-bright Calin, the self-proclaimed warrior maiden Aleyl, and the bumbling law enforcement officer Wight, who recognizes the Brooch for what it is, Sayest must venture into the very heart of darkness to ensure the dark lord Zavesdar does not reclaim what was once his.

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