Eyes For You (18+)

Eyes For You (18+)

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Abby-Rose Macchio By DaydreamMuse Updated Nov 09

21-year-old Anastasia Reilly. A woman who just wants to get away from home and live the life she's always wanted to live. 

22-year-old Travis Coleman. A frightful, tattooed, well-known, secret billionaire man who fights men for money. 

There's many sides of Travis Coleman, but will Anastasia meet them all or will it be too much for her to handle because of her past? 

A possessive bad boy who has his eyes set on an innocent young woman. 

Does Travis change Anastasia?

Does Anastasia change Travis?

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Started - March 24, 2019


As I was about to walk into my class, his eyes met mine. They were more blue than I remembered, blue eyes are ice cold, or so that's what I thought. I didn't think they were warm. But, since I met him I've realized now, that blazing fires burn blue. His smile is captivating, engaging, and irresistible. As he was walking towards me, I felt my cheeks burning up and my hands became clammy. We never looked away from each other, eyes locked.

His voice. It was like whiskey. Smooth with a slow burn that lit me up from the inside.

He walked towards me in a fast pace and puts his hands on both sides of my face. He looked into my eyes and crashed his lips to mine. The world stopped for a brief amount of time. I felt alive again. The anticipation of his lips on mine. Intensity. Magnetic. Fire. Everlasting. Perfect. Completely perfect. As he pulled away, I knew I wanted more. This was just the beginning. He was my beginning. My beginning to feel alive again.