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Walking The Line (Student/Teacher Relationship)

Walking The Line (Student/Teacher Relationship)

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Gavetiero By Gavetiero Updated Jun 07, 2014

Aurelie De Luca isn’t your average teenage girl. She grew up being raised by her rich Swedish father and her extremely innocent mother from Southern California. She was nothing like her older sister, Amelia. She was supposed to be their child prodigy, but she turned out to be a socially awkward, trouble-making, teenage girl who her parents can’t stand the sight of. 
When she is kicked out of her seventh boarding school her parents are ready to give up until they hear about a boarding school that doesn’t accept just anyone and has a policy about not kicking students out of their school. Thinking it’s the perfect place for Aurelie, they send her straight off to the school not knowing any better. Will their crazy attempts to re socialize her back fire in their face, or will Aurelie find one of the only things that she has been searching for in her life?

LikeLivRose LikeLivRose Dec 06, 2016
What? Pls translate it to me 😂 I speak almost fluent English but I'm not used to curse words 😂 (I love cursing so this is a must!!)
My_Crew_is_Dope My_Crew_is_Dope Oct 15, 2016
YESSSSSSS FÛCK YEAH. FÛCK YEAH. Avenged, Shinedown and 5fdp are my shît!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
                              I'm about to see 5fdp and Shinedown on Halloween in San Jose!!!! Can't FÛCKING wait to see them again
nozzzzzer nozzzzzer Sep 17, 2016
Just making sure... She's a real albino and not just really pale, right?
Jaymej0 Jaymej0 Oct 24, 2014
Yess! That is like the best assortment of music right there!
Gavetiero Gavetiero Aug 04, 2012
@Dayna_XOX Your welcome. :) I just had to add it; it was calling to me!
                              And it's fine, no worries. :) I know how having to clean the room goes... If i had to actually clean EVERYTHING it would take me days in that room.. XD
                              LOL Love you too, best friend! :) <3
Dayna_XOX Dayna_XOX Aug 04, 2012
Oh Ny God I'm pissin my self laughing!!!! Thank you for putting that in there :D sorry I didn't reply last night , I was forced to bed early because this morning I have to clean my room , and knowing how dirty it is , I won't be out until the afternoon :/ I Love You Bestfriend LOL <3