The alphas mate

The alphas mate

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Luna By tigergoesrwarr Updated Aug 12

A/N: For those who follow the story your probably like what the fuck this isn't the first chapter. But for those of u that don't skip this little note.

I decided to start over cuz at first I was really happy with the plan I had in Mind but it kinda went down hill I hated the story I read it over and over and I said I wouldn't even pick up this book myself it sucks. At first it was not supposed to be a typical there's a problem and she runs kinda story or she's the cause of the problem but.... I mean think about it it's what a lot of people like it's what I'd read it's intresting so for those that liked the story how it was I'm sorry but this is what's happening now, I didn't like it I couldn't write something I hated. 

Btw- the girl on the pic is Aubrey 


"Aubrey! Get the fuck in here now!" Mike said as he called me into the room. "Yes alpha" I said as I entered, he gave me a stink look when I came in "Aubrey, can I ask you something?" I nodded in response "why are...

As a proud grammar Nazi I must inform you that your grammar and spelling  skills need therapy. It's a great story with not so great grammar.
tigergoesrwarr tigergoesrwarr May 02, 2015
@ErisedLebronVeloz omg thank you for the advice but I think I'm just going to finish it for now and then bring it all together but thank you :)
ErisedLebronVeloz ErisedLebronVeloz May 02, 2015
I start reading your book and I can tell that you are a good writer but if you can separate your long chapter into small chapter it would look more interesting and if you separate what the character says it will be better.