Music, Bullies and Understanding

Music, Bullies and Understanding

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Manga_is_my_Life By Manga_is_my_Life Updated Apr 20, 2015

Lucy is bullied daily by popular kids. She never had a chance to share her talent until now.  

Levy is referred to as 'Nobody' all over the school. She hides in her books and has never had a friend. Until now.  

Erza is popular, but has a dream she can't share with anyone, until now.  

Mira is the daughter of the principal and everyone is in awe of her beauty, not her talent. She has never been appreciated for being herself; Until now.  

Juvia is average everything. No friends, but not a loner. Smart, but not a nerd. The one thing she has that isn't average had been kept secret. Until now.


I don't own anything except the plot. The amazeballs characters are the property of the magnificent Hiro Mashima.

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RynRidan RynRidan Jul 04, 2016
Sorry, I really don't want to sound like a mean person (My Alter Ego: But you are a mean person... Me: Urasai! I'm not being mean now!!) or a hater but it's Fullbuster. Not trying t be mean!! So far I really like the story!
Esmee_Dragneel Esmee_Dragneel May 07, 2015
I read Filibuster and I almost died of laughter! (I blame auto correct)
Ai_dragneel Ai_dragneel Aug 01, 2014
Can you make it into NaLu? *no offense, for the other shippers
rwby001 rwby001 Jul 18, 2014
I hope lucy ends up with loke or natsu one or the other mostly loke
shoeless_daydreamer0 shoeless_daydreamer0 Jul 16, 2014
Aww ... I hope natsu an lucy get together in this one ... Cuz if not ... Then I will hav said this 4 nothin ... NOW GIMME 300 NALU BABIES RIGHT NOW ! (*^*)