Passion, History, and Light

Passion, History, and Light

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Naan2015 By Naan2015 Updated May 26, 2019

This short story was to be an entry for Wattpad's Weekly Contest #39- "Make Your Own Story".

[ Chapter 0: World Frame ]

Characters chosen:
- Portland Meyer: the philosophy student by day; mafia's pawn by night.
- Kai Red: the man who always gets to the truth
- Sarah Anne Dower: the Grim Reaper's intern
- Hanson Livid: the cop that's way too tired of this

Plot chosen:
- The local violin teacher (Anna Jones) has simply disappeared without a trace
- Milah's Destiny, the biggest, baddest, band is coming to town, and they have a sinister agenda

Theme chosen:
- Fire: Wild, wild fire. Passions inflamed, the forests burn, the world drowns in ash.
- History: It repeats itself. The past haunts you, the lessons are re-learned, and the mistakes are more severe this time.
- Light: It glows. It fades. It guides and it distracts with glitter and gold in the deepest of nights.

The Wildcards chosen:
- The lover of flowers
- The rain god
- The Chainsmoker

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- 21st April, 2019: 35/403 stories in #EWA2019

- 21st April, 2019: 9/2.98k stories in #contest