A short story.

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hushyael hushyael Jul 11, 2012
The writing style in this short story draws the reader in quickly, and keeps you enthralled until the end. I was quite impressed with the mentality throughout the story. It resounds with originality and truth. I love this; it is one of the best short stories I have ever read.
GMSoban GMSoban Apr 10, 2011
I like the way you made her 'demon' side come out during the cutting, and loving the pain and adrenaline running. Although, I'm not a fan of the said cutting/emo stories this one was quite fun to read, and actually relate too. I hope to see the darker side of you. 
watermelons225 watermelons225 Mar 21, 2011
As sad as it is, I love it.. Easy to relate to, heartbreaking, bone-chilling. :)