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The Phan in Our Stars

The Phan in Our Stars

86.6K Reads 5.9K Votes 28 Part Story
meme prince ✿ By danandphilgaymes Completed

After attending the premiere of The Fault in Our Stars, Phil shares a secret with Dan that will change their lives forever. (A TFIOS-inspired phanfiction)

genre: (kinda sad) fluff

tw:  cancer, death


Omfg I always make my friends play rainbow road XD they all hate me for it haha
I'm listening to Prove Me Wrong from No Phun Intended and I'm crafting
wondermust wondermust Dec 30, 2016
me: *has a headache*
                              google: you'll probably die in the next hour. count your blessings, sweaty.
I already know what happens cause I already read this 😂😂
falloutjosh falloutjosh Feb 18
tfios is my life (along with literally EVERYTHING by john green)
I had about a million existential crisis's reading that book