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Code Name: Draconis [Ace Draconis - ON HOLD; see my updated profile for info!]

Code Name: Draconis [Ace Draconis - ON HOLD; see my updated profile for info!]

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Draconis By Draconis Updated Dec 13, 2012

I'm being followed. I'm 16 years old, and people want me dead. Life wasn't always this hectic. See, my school year started off normally; boring as hell. Until this new kid in my biology class started acting weird. 
     I guess I should mention I'm not exactly your normal 16 year old boy. I like rock music, and I have black hair and green eyes. Pretty normal right? Wrong. My roommate and I are dragons. 
     Anyway, I found out the new guy from my biology class, Damian, works for a secret government dept. specalizing in paranormal activity. Guess who they blackmailed into being their newest secret agent? Life's hard enough trying to win over the one girl I like, survive my roommate's dramatics, AND juggle flying into active volcanoes whenever John (the head of the paranormal activity dept.) wants me to locate some new energy crystal. 
      The only problems is, until a while ago, I thought Borgos (my roommate) and I, were the last of our kind... Everyone else who's like me was killed in an explosion when I was just a baby... but something's not quite right anymore... they're hiding something, I know they are. Something isn't quite right in the deptartment of paranormal activity...something's happening. Something big. Bigger than me, or Borgos, and maybe even the entire world and...
     ...I think it's up to me to find out just what it is. I'm sure you're probably wondering who I am right now. 
I'm Ace Draconis. 
And this is my story

_anothermisfit_ _anothermisfit_ Jul 09, 2011
@Draconis Yes, It really should be ahaha XD And no problem :)
Draconis Draconis Jul 08, 2011
@xXxDaYnAxXx Hey, thanks for reading!  I really like the flashback idea (and awesomer should definitely be a word).
Draconis Draconis Jul 08, 2011
@ShowWhatUKnow Thanks! I've gotta go to bed now, but I'd love to chat with you about anime and such tomorrow :D  
ShowWhatUKnow ShowWhatUKnow Jul 08, 2011
This is EPIC!! ^_^ Kinda reminds me of 'I Am Number Four' just because the whole planet being destroyed thing.Good descriptions :)
Draconis Draconis Jul 06, 2011
@branflakes94 Aww, thank you! I'll be sure to check out your story tonight! 
branflakes94 branflakes94 Jul 06, 2011
Amazing start! :) I'm not much into thrillers or Sci-Fi stuff but you kept me hooked thank you so much! :) Voted and fanned! :)