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The Dragon Keys - A Nalu Fanfic -

The Dragon Keys - A Nalu Fanfic -

148K Reads 4.6K Votes 24 Part Story
Mercy main By Kelsey-Bell Completed

Natsu hasn't been paying attention to Lucy lately. Lucy finds a dragon key, and all his attention is on her. Lucy become depressed by this action. Will depression get to Lucy? Will Natsu pressure Lucy to much to find Igneel's key?

mad_bagel03 mad_bagel03 Sep 11, 2016
See know, should I go with my ideal side of mind, or the dirty side of mind... 🤔
animeangel2004 animeangel2004 Nov 05, 2016
You may not like her but the fandom LOVES AND I REPEAT LOVES her. Isn't that right?
Bailonix Bailonix Sep 19, 2016
For all Lucy's been through, she is stronger than Gildarts! She lost everyone! Her father, her mother Michelle, Aquarius... one of the only things driving her is to get her only family back, and if she had a chance to get Aquarius back, she would be the world's bane.
blueheaven57 blueheaven57 Sep 30, 2016
animeangel2004 animeangel2004 Nov 05, 2016
Excuse me she was the one to free them in the turtos arc. Not erza not gray not natsu not any one else but Lucy saved the day!!!!! So back off!
mad_bagel03 mad_bagel03 Sep 11, 2016
WHY DONT THEY HAVE THESE CLOTHES IN OUR WORLD GOSH I MEAN- Everyone makes beautiful clothing ideas in their stories, and there is nothing even related to those ideas in the real world.😩