But She's Darkskin ||Completed || Process Of Editing

But She's Darkskin ||Completed || Process Of Editing

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All the time you get complements but right after that you hear your skin color. Yeah, your skin is dark, but why should that matter. Every little statement that's made about you always has to have but she's darkskin. Ones beauty,personality, anything, shouldn't be jeopardized because of their skin color. Some people learn that the hard way, some people don't see that they're beautiful no matter what skin color they are... 

All events in this story is fictional. The names, people, and some places aren't real and aren't real people. This book is for enjoyment and reading purposes only. The events that take place in this story did not really happen in the place it resides, and these people do not actually exist. The book will have mistakes because I am not perfect and it will be edited sometime after the book is completed.

Do not try to steal this story or make it your own thanks xoxoxo
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lxvelytasia lxvelytasia Aug 15, 2016
Reminds me of this boy that said I should have been light skin cuz I act like one😂 *she acts like a light skin but she's darkskin*
shaylovelypenman shaylovelypenman Nov 26, 2016
Story of my life💯💯  she's really pretty for a darkskin
KingCiah KingCiah Feb 04
He said 'seed' imma tell my brother to say this to his children.
PimpDaddyNaya PimpDaddyNaya Feb 28, 2016
"Where is my seed?" Lol, what a great way of calling your son.
Kimandla Kimandla Mar 14, 2016
He's very manipulative if he's going to talk about those things to get her to agree with him.
riagladden riagladden Jan 18, 2016
since when do black ppl nt have soft hair. ery body round u ain't taking care of their hair