The house in the hills

The house in the hills

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dexterdy Krataigos By dexterdykrataigos Updated Apr 23, 2019

An old man in the distance slowly walked over the small path in between two hills that was engraved into the green carpet over the years. His clothes were dirty and his thin white hair and beard were long and unbrushed. It looked like he almost wasn't able to support the weight of the old leather backpack. Step-by-step he came closer to his goal; an old mansion in the middle of the hilly fields where no one would find it and bother the owners. The mansion itself was also rather worn down just like the old man. The paint on more than one spot was bladdered off and sometimes you could even see the wind take one of its pieces exposing the dark dry wood. The plants of its garden were overgrown and unkempt. The grass was knee tall and completely overgrew the cobblestone path that went from the fence that was missing in some places to the door that surprisingly was still in his hinges. 
The old man now arrived at the little gate of the wooden fence. Only now, when he was close enough for someone in the house to see it properly, it was clear that he was holding something in his arms. A little child of at most a few months maybe a year old was laying in his arms, covered with a rough blanket. The man talked to the sleeping child, trying to keep it asleep.

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