Into the Ring

Into the Ring

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Sequel to Punching Bag!

My heart is beating about as fast as I'm spinning the two rings around my finger. I stare out the jet windows at the changing landscape, so different from where I just was. I pause and look down at the rings with nostalgia staining my tongue. A smile curves my lips up when I fiddle with the bottom shining silver band with the little A on it and then the little spider on the other.

"You need to calm down. Even I can hear your heartbeat." Natasha tells me calmly as she flies. A moment passes with her searching jade eyes on mine before I sigh.

"It's been three months," I tell her green eyes as she suppresses a smile.

"I've been gone longer. This was your chance to stretch your legs, Jo, and you did extremely well." She reassures me. "What's bothering you?" Natasha pushes slightly, knowing I'm not telling her something. My eyes roll.

"Are you forgetting I didn't exactly have permission to leave? And how adamant everyone was that I shouldn't have?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Everyone?" She repeats and I deflate slightly in surrender. She was on my side, mostly. "You're over eighteen and legally allowed to make your own decisions. The team has no hold on you, Jo." I fix her with an incredulous glare and her lips twitch. "Other than affection." Sighing, I press my lips together.

"Right. And that has no hold on me."

It's been three years since the events in Punching Bag and three months since Jo left to be on her own. Returning back to the facility has its own set of problems though. Including a stubborn Steve Rogers, broken-hearted Peter Parker, and an American public that Jo must win over to be an Avenger. And even more surprises down the line...


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