Happy ( Cube SMP FanFIc )

Happy ( Cube SMP FanFIc )

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Toppilot33 By Toppilot33 Updated Jun 25, 2014

P.O.V Bella

Hi my name is Bella I am a average 19 year old that lives in Seattle. I am 5ft 6in. I stay in my aparment almost all the time except to go to school. I watch Youtube most of the time but my idols on youtube are xBayani, GraserMC and Grapeapplesauce, my neighbor is Grapeapplesauce we are great friends too. This year I am going to Minecon 2016 with him. I play minecraft with him but not in his videos. I do not have a youtube channel. I just play Minecraft for fun.

Time skip to the day before Minecon 2016

I was so excited. I was already packed. I decided to get on a skype call with Sean

" Hey Sean, are you excited for MInecon 2016?"

"Heck yea"

"I am already packed for the flight at 3:00 AM tomarrow, are you?"

"No I am not, but I am packing right now though"

"Well I will see you tomarrow since you a picking me up to take me to the airport"

"Yea g' night"

"Good night"

Time skip to airport 

I was at the airport. Sean picked me up and took me here. We were just getting...

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