Grimm Corruption

Grimm Corruption

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TheSaltiestOfTears By ShatteredGhost Updated Mar 24

Y/n fell from the force of Yang's punch, hitting his head on the wall. The alarm sounded, signaling the end of the training session. 

"Too bad, creature." She said. The busty blonde smirked and turned, walking off with her sassy walk. Y/n watched her hips away back and forth as she moved. This was not a good day for him. Usually he wasn't so easily defeated, but since he revealed his true nature as a grimm to defeat a massive swarm of them from overrunning the city gates, he hasn't had the easiest time. Everyone who he thought he got along with, all his true friends, and even his girlfriend Blake, all turned on him when he was discovered. Now he was trying to win back their trust, but nothing was working, and he suffered because of it. 

He got up rubbing his head where the impact was, and walked to his empty dorm, flopping on the bed in defeat. Yang has been especially cruel to him recently. First she destroyed his relationship with Blake, then broke his scroll, she broke into his do...

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