So Says Eldridge

So Says Eldridge

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Liz Of The Road By Liz_Lane Updated Jun 21

Dani Carter is not ready to be forgotten. Not yet.

It's been a month since fifteen year old Dani Carter's best friend of a decade moved to the U.K, and their relationship is changing. Emi has problems of her own, and there's a part of her life that Dani can no longer understand. They barely talk anymore, and even when they do, their conversations are strained and ring strangely false. 

When history-obsessed hipster-girl Quinn and her fun-loving twin brother move in next door, it seems like a sign from the universe- to move on and to let go. Everyone around her keeps telling her that no one remembers their friends from high school, that sometimes some friendships aren't meant to last. 

Dani Carter isn't ready to let go. Not yet.

Her (somewhat) sentient manor-home Eldridge is trying to warn her about something that happened long ago, to a mysterious woman named Sunny. Travelling attics, glowing paintings, floors that bleed...Dani is trying to figure it out. She's trying, trying, trying, even though her life is falling to pieces around her. And now she's started seeing strange things that no one else can- a grocery store where there was a parking lot five minutes ago, worn out toys abandoned on the sides of the roads, letters hanging from trees...

Dani Carter is isn't going crazy. Not yet.

Prospective readers, You Have Been Warned. This is a magical realism story, so expect moments of oddity, paragraphs of just plain weird, and chapters of impossible! This is the heartfelt, magical story of a girl, her (somewhat) sentient house, and what it takes to grow up and move on.

This is So Says Eldridge.

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