Delicate | Kim Taehyung x Male Reader

Delicate | Kim Taehyung x Male Reader

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BlinkofanEye By Blink_ofanEye Updated Jun 16

Being homeschooled all his life, M/n only had one dream, to be able to study at GENIE High. Y/n meets new friends, he enjoys the new environment. But what would happen if he got partnered up with the school's new heartthrob?

Kim Taehyung is the new heartthrob of GENIE HIGH, and people love him because of one thing, he's really handsome. On his second to the last year of his high school, he thought everything would be the same for him, girl's squirming at him, every eyes looking his way and everything else, that was until he layed eyes on M/n. 

Will M/n be able to turn Taehyung's miserable life around? well I guess you're just gonna have to find out!!

Kim Taehyung x Male Reader High School AU