The Journals of Wade Dillans: The Four Seasons of August

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JohnOppus By JohnOppus Completed
Wade Dillans has been writing journals all his life but this one that I found in the attic tells a tragedy.One of his friends has been sent to the afterlife; Thinking that he was the cause of his friend's death, and the injury of another, in the first-place and with his life changing drastically right in front of his eyes, he decides to put down his own.
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Such a simple idea, but it's so well done! It's quirky and cute and I genuinely am enjoying it!
I liked how you mixed the author's note into the story through the journal..Its a diary entry, it is expected to be one one writes pages and pages.....thats good to see...
Whoo-hoo! What a fun read. You totally nailed the voice. voted!
well it was like ready a diary but this one was hooking ,,,,its like you are actuallyin front of that person and the conversation is going on
It really is unique. I figured she was female, I don't know, you never mentioned it. Looking forward to some drama, I'd like to see how you'd write it. Voted :D
i enjoyed reading this a lot, i think i like it so much because it is so out of the ordinary but at the same time it isnt so out there that its boring. keep going with this, i can see it being a very great book