What happens on tour stays on tour  (a shawn mendes fan fiction)

What happens on tour stays on tour (a shawn mendes fan fiction)

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thewayhelooksatme By thewayhelooksatme Updated Jul 29, 2015

It was the summer of 2014. The same summer that Magcon was going on a 31 day tour. I have known shawn for a year now and one day I got a random text message from shawn saying "hi Megan I have a little surprise for you...look outside." As i look outside you see a massive tour bus with Magcon all over it . I quickly chuck some shoes on and run outside. my mum is looking out the window and gave me a confused glance as to say what's going on?. "hey shawn-he gives me the usual long and warm hug- what's all this for?". "I thought you might like to come on tour with us" and of coarse i say yes. I quickly run upstairs and put all my wardrobe in a suitcase and i got my mum to phone up the school with an excuse to why I wasn't going to be at school for the next 3ish months. 
As I walk in the tour bus I am introduced to Aaron, Taylor and Jacob as these are the only magcon boys i haven't met. Shawns little sister Aaliyah was going to be there for the first month of tour up until 13th August when t...

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YoongisCalamity YoongisCalamity May 16, 2017
"Oh, I've been shaking, I love it when you go crazy"
                              I had to! XD!
ConstanceStarr ConstanceStarr Jul 11, 2016
Damn Shawn can't believe you would do this really to me. Man you are so lucky I wasn't there or there would have been drama and I've been in many drama modes in my lifetimes and cat fights yeah I know how to fight and talk trash.