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Taylor Sisson By The_Downward_Spiral Completed

There are monsters in Arcadia City.

The spirits of the dead are being corrupted, transforming into vicious apparitions called wraiths. These malevolent entities prey on the living, and a series of mysterious deaths have plagued the city.

"I am you--your other self."

Alexandra Gray has the unique ability to not only see and interact with ghosts, but to project a spiritual entity of herself called an eidolon. Now, with the help of her friends Cynthia, Juliette, and Spooky Jay, she must find out what is happening to the ghosts in her city, and put a stop to it before it's too late.

• Overall winner of the Second Edition Creative Awards
• 1st place in the Blue Rose Awards paranormal category, May 2019
• Winner in the 2019 Disco Awards paranormal category