The Chronicles of Mel-Luo (Book One: The Search)

The Chronicles of Mel-Luo (Book One: The Search)

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H.A. Wasmuth By LadyWazzy Updated Oct 03

"You're...not human?" 
His pale jade eyes pinned mine down, an amused smirk flitting across his lips.
"No. I'm not. Does that bother you?" I frowned at his words.
Did it?


Terra's life has been anything but normal. 
With a sunny disposition and a traumatic past, she continues to experience one pitfall after another. The town hates her, and she can't figure out why to save her life--or the lives of others, and the only saving grace she has is her best friend. Her best friend that she starts to realize she has feelings for. 

Without even having the chance to explore her newfound feelings, she finds herself stolen away to a different realm by a love-struck king, one who is apparently not human-- and her life as she knows it is turned right on its head. 

Upon awakening in a strange, headache-inducing palace, she discovers she has a legendary mark that could be the key to saving the realm from a centuries long war; or be the very thing that unleashes chaos and death upon everyone, including herself.
Naturally, the only documents that can help her figure out which outcome she will come to face were hidden away by the previous king and queen, and nobody seems to know where exactly they were hidden.

To top it all off, the maddeningly attractive king makes her feel things.
Things she isn't sure she should like feeling so much.

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