Empty Canvases

Empty Canvases

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the ugly duckling By Yours_Truly_2905 Updated Aug 17


Sage: A dirty blonde, grey eyed, 5'6  older sister looking out for her younger brother Corbin. They share a dad with different moms.

Corbin: A dark brunette, grey eyed, 6'0 sophomore with a dead beat, crackhead mother and dead father.

Sage's mom died giving birth leaving her dad to find someone else...until he finds Corbin's mom. When Sage was 1 Corbin was born a month-to-the-day later. Their father was trying to help her get clean...later "falling in love" and having Corbin. She became to much to care for plus the 2 children...he over dosed on anti-depressants leaving his children with a run down, drug abuser. When they were 15 andn

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