Reveluv Family

Reveluv Family

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LyLy💕💕 By ChuChuvanes Updated Aug 11

"Yah! give that back Ddeulgi!!" Joy said

"Stop grabbing my hair first!!" Seulgi said

"Guys stop fighting...or else yeri--Oh no! Yeri's gonna cry" Wendy said panicking

"Oh no--" Joy and Seulgi said

"Momma!!" Yeri cried

"Oh no! Well we go to go now please stay tune to our story" Irene rushed to her children.

First there was two and now three then another little one came and now there's four little kids now she's trying to take of them four.
How does Irene the mother of these four kids (demons) be able to the care of them just being a single mom, Let's go in the life of Irene to see her everyday life of taking care of her four troublemaking daughters Seulgi,Wendy,Joy,Yeri.

Started: March 19 2019