Not The Last {Under Heavy Editing}

Not The Last {Under Heavy Editing}

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Emily By EmilySeifert Completed

I'm 15 and my name is Astrix. Let's start with that. That seems like an easy thing to start with. Now, let me add in some other details. I live in a zombie apocalypse. Yeah, that's about as enjoyable as I can make it seem. Now let me add in something else. I'm wanted by the CIA for reasons that I don't even know, but I guess I will find out eventually. Maybe somewhere within my story I will figure it out. I'm well known as The Bad Ass for reasons that are kind of obvious once you meet me. Maybe that's why they're after me? Because I'm a Bad Ass? Nope, I doubt that.

Well anyways, the answers are out there. Along with the answers to my past. The answer to life even. Maybe it really is 42 but I don't think it would hurt to start looking at one. So here we go. Chapter one.

Book 1 in the Infection Series

*Under extensive editing*

**Highest Rating--#44 in Adventure**

kingevan99 kingevan99 Nov 04
Only seen zombies once and already assuming they can't climb. Nice.
kingevan99 kingevan99 Nov 04
Oh look, a bunch of people busted down the classroom door. Must be zombies
kingevan99 kingevan99 Nov 04
Broken right hand and blind. It's a wonder how he'll survive
kingevan99 kingevan99 Nov 04
Why did they build the treehouse on school grounds? Why is Corey the only one who knows about it?
_lesha _lesha Oct 27
I think it would've been more logical to use an elbow or foot to smash the window but whatever.
it sounds weird to call them zombies . Do walkers like the walking dead. Sounds more realistic