For Richer or For Poorer

For Richer or For Poorer

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Roshuma Florence By Roshuma Updated Jul 09

He was rich.

I was...more or less a struggle in the making than poor really. 

He was kind. 

I was not, but I didn't care. Kindness never got you anywhere in life. You had to work for what you wanted, and take what was yours before someone else got to it first. I wasn't sad about the way things were. I loved where I lived. I loved what I did. And I especially loved the fact that I could take care of myself without the assistance of someone else. 

I was a boss; a survivor. Sometimes you had to step on a few toes to make your way up to the top. 

No one told him to get in my way. No one told him to care about me. Nobody to him to wedge himself into my life. I was fine without him. Truly, I was. 

But now I need him in more ways than I could've ever imagined. I need him like a swimmer needed a fresh breath of air after being submerged under water.

I needed him for better or worse.
I needed him in sickness and in health.
I needed him for richer or for poorer...

Forced to spend the summer of her senior year with her eccentric Auntie Vera, Taylor-Jade is supposed to "find herself" before she's off to college soon. This was a completely different world from the one Jade knew at home in New York. 

When she runs into Nathan, a local golden boy and heir to the Walters Company Empire, Taylor-Jade does her best to steer clear of him. Some rich, happy-go-lucky, goody-two-shoes was not her definition of a fulfilled summer in Cali. Nathan however, always seemed to find himself in Taylor-Jade's way, the last place any sane person would ever want to be. 

Can these two manage to make it through the summer without butting heads?

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