Countless Graves

Countless Graves

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" I promise you, brother, I will make her repay for your death. She will regret that she is alive instead of you.
As I saw him for the first time in four years, I wish hadn't come back. He reminded me so much of-
Fuck, what is wrong with me. I promised myself I wouldn't think of him. Not now, not ever. But looking at his face I figured, that he regretted me coming here as much as I did.

" Tara promise me you will marry me one day"
"I promise, Addy ", the five-year-old giggled.
As I walked towards the crowd and my eyes skimmed past through everyone. My eyes settled on the very girl who stole my heart all those years ago and yet again.
"Tara" I whispered, unable to raise my voice. For a moment I thought she didn't hear me, wouldn't surprise me considering my very 'loud and clear' voice. But then, she turned slowly and as soon as she took me in, her eyes were as wide as saucers. She looked at me shell shocked unable to utter any words. 'The feeling is mutual, love' I thought. But then she did something that took me off guard.

"I promise you, dad, I will fulfil your last wish"
The girl in front of me was purely beautiful as if nothing impure could've touched her. And looking at her from this far I knew that she wouldn't disappoint me even in her proximity. For a moment I almost didn't regret deceiving her.
The keyword 'almost'.

The town of Vera had always been run by the three gangs. 'The Phoenix', 'The Silver', and 'The Serene'. Each worked with peace and calm minding their businesses until that one day five years ago. That one day that changed everything. Mix in misunderstanding revenge and highly competitive boys, what do we get? A vendetta.
Atarah Rhodes seems to get herself caught in between every conflict. So when she gets herself involved in the battle of her town, what happens when she will have to choose between truth and lie; reality and surreality and the most important love or responsibility.