As Right As Rain

As Right As Rain

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Ghostface By livingthethuglyfe Updated Dec 09, 2016

I held him as he shook with each sob. I whispered in his ear that I was right here, and that I wasn't leaving him. 

 And as his sobs became less vicious, I felt satisfied. I felt better because I had helped him. I had calmed him down in a matter of minutes.

 As he raised his face to look at me, his eyes told me everything. It frightened me, because I realized it then. He needed me.

 He had picked me up off of that dirt road, because he needed me.

 To save him.

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C(ash) and (Ash)ley........ No? Ok, I'll still be here if anyone needs me.
I put gum all over my friends and stuck the to the ceiling and roof. But that's not why I got expelled.
In my home country, WizzleAzizzle(Mars) lower class citizens aren't allowed to read. Luckily, I'm the evil dictator, so I'm able to read your amazing story.
Jdog203 Jdog203 Jul 28
I feel like I am betraying Nathan and Skylar by reading this
I mean they just met. At least wait a day before you hit that.
Jdog203 Jdog203 Jul 28
Is it weird that I still think of cash as Nathan and Austin as Max?!