Broken hearts  (Remus Lupin)

Broken hearts (Remus Lupin)

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Melanie Lahey By MelanieLahey Updated Aug 06, 2017

"I knew he loved me. I knew he would do anything for me." 

     "So what happened?"

  "I kept putting him in danger, so I left. I left and now  there's two broken hearts instead of one." 

     "But what if he comes back?" 

  "He won't."

       Lani Conner. She's a hybrid. Half witch, half wolf. Werewolf actually. Some people see her as a badass witch. Others see her as a threat. But not because of what she is. But of who she is. 

     Remus Lupin. Also a hybrid. He didn't mean to fall for his student. He didn't mean to get caught either. But he did. And he doesn't regret it. Not one bit. 

   Lani and Remus. Two brave souls that can't get enough of each other. But when an old face returns from the pits of hell and tries to ruin Lani's life, what would happen to those two brave souls? Would they become stronger in power? Or would they soon become nothing? 

(New description and new name. It still sucks and I'm sorry about that. Also very slow updates but I'm trying 😂. I don't own any of the Harry Potter cast, the rightful owner is J.K Rowling. The plot will sometimes be different then from the books and movies. I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to comment, vote, and if you want, follow!)

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This is what happens when you eat skittles! You forget you have magic!
5SecondsOfNugget 5SecondsOfNugget Jul 05, 2017
That moment when you feel blessed because you've seen them in concert 🤗🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🙏
Confused-Cas Confused-Cas Jul 17, 2016
The amount of times I've seen this one person be used in Professor Lupin fanfics
shakinghawkins shakinghawkins Jan 14, 2017
honestly i can't this fanfic isn't good for me. flirtatious weasley twins and a fellow werewolf lupin? omf