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Hello, Professor (Remus Lupin)

Hello, Professor (Remus Lupin)

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Melanie Lahey By MelanieLahey Updated Mar 04

"Lani Conner. Fred, and George Weasley!" yelled the new Defense Against The Arts professor. I ran down the hall, laughing, with Fred and George beside me. We just pulled a prank on the DADA, professor Lupin. I heard him shouting for us again, followed by his footsteps. I looked at the twins and then we all stopped and turned around. Finally Professor Lupin was in front of us. The twins and I were holding back our laughs at his face. "Who's brilliant idea was it to make my desk drawers and chalks explode!?" he yelled. Fred and George pointed at me. Before I can do anything, the twins ran away, leaving me with the professor. "Traitors!" I yelled at them, hearing them laugh for response. I turned back to Professor Lupin. "Uh... hi." I said, with a squeaky voice. He just smirked, and told me to follow him. I nodded and walked with him to his classroom, "For starters, I want you to clean up this mess," he said pointing at the chalk dust on the desk and floor, "and then come back later on today, for your detention." he ended with a smirk. I groaned. "What about Fred and George!" I yelled. "What about them?" he asked, smirking. I gave him a glare, holding back a growl. I slouched down, cleaning the dust from the floor, with the mini broom from the class since he didn't let me use magic.  I felt his eyes on my lower back, then on my ass. I turned to him and caught him starring at it. He noticed, then looked away quickly. I smirked. "Like what you see?" I asked. I stood up and turned around, only to bump into him. I looked up at him, since he was like a head taller then me. "I loved it." he said in a low voice. All of a sudden, I'm on top of his desk, with him between my legs. I felt his warm breath near my lips. Then I felt his lips on mine.

Confused-Cas Confused-Cas Jul 17, 2016
The amount of times I've seen this one person be used in Professor Lupin fanfics
honestly i can't this fanfic isn't good for me. flirtatious weasley twins and a fellow werewolf lupin? omf