the middle man ⚬ kian lawley

the middle man ⚬ kian lawley

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Kian Lawley;

my best friend.

I had no other words to describe him but 'perfect' 
But if he was so perfect why did I shove him into the middle of a relationship I questioned anyway? He helped me be the best girlfriend I could be, but I wasn't my best not being his.

so obviously my Sam fanfic is no longer up and that is no longer my twitter
Same except for the 3 instruments i play piano and sing only
lariss1a lariss1a Apr 11
I play clarinet sax and violin i dont wear jewelry. Or fancy clothing and i haven't painted my nails in 2 years
Kiki_B01 Kiki_B01 Aug 19
What pretty girls that you see in California? Everybody's ugly.
I'm too short :| and its true no one likes midgets.
                              But they sometimes don't like tall people.
                              They go for the avrage heights.
nochhu nochhu Apr 24
I should be sleeping rn it is school tomorrow but this is just too good already man