Solving For X (BoyxBoy)

Solving For X (BoyxBoy)

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Not With A Whimper, But With A Bang. By Poetically-Damaged Completed

Price Bigg + Jeremy Smalle = Best Friends. If Price Bigg x Googly Eyes at his best friend = ALWAYS and Jeremy Smalle + Basic Comprehension Skills = Syntax Error, solve the following problem:

Price Bigg can't quite solve his goofy best friend, Jeremy Smalle, amateur high school swimmer and professional alien conspiracy theorist. He devices the equation A+B=4(x) to try and solve him, but he can't quite complete, or solve it.

Jeremy thinks he may have made another mistake by suggesting that his newly out friend take Jeremy on a date. Everything's coolio and majorly fabuloso at first. But then the hand holding and the constant math jokes and the standing so close to each other start to make him think he's the biggest idiot ever. He can't quite tell why he feels so strange about them. He expresses this feeling with the equation fu=x.

Task: Solve for X. Round your answer to the nearest heartbeat.

hyrax2lorax hyrax2lorax Jan 28
^^^These conflicting opinions though  @Koolkat_lax  @booklovers200
SamSpinelli SamSpinelli Feb 02
you know i just looked over and saw the Cast and saw that it said "PB" and "J"
^^ ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG!! it's "OUR" not "you're", nor "your", "OUR".
And I was just starting to like him, too bad I have to kill him now.
Shmawsow27 Shmawsow27 Feb 02
Okay, were they adult anime eyes or kid anime eyes because there's a difference?
my goodness!! this is probably the most magnificent paragraph I have ever read in my entire existence. so Author, I thank you