Renesme`s  Darkest Moment

Renesme`s Darkest Moment

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Hehe, that's a secret! Shh By annabeth4p Updated Oct 08, 2012

With low self-esteem and an over protective family, Renesme Carlie Cullen decieds it is time to have a little more adventure. Now, with her new best friend Clarisse, Renesme travels Europe and joins the Voltori. Renesme Cullen is faced with lust, from her new crush, dranger, from her her new adventures, and reget, from ever leaving her home.

midnightsun101 midnightsun101 Jul 09, 2010
it was AWSOME i ecspecially want to hear about the time with JACOB shes goin to have....
sportygirl9 sportygirl9 Jun 12, 2010
Awesome! And funny! Your a great writter! Keep at it!
                              ~Tyler (okay! my real name is Haley but I don't like being called that! so people call me by my middle name)
Rosalie332 Rosalie332 May 25, 2010
Totally awesome i love it you should write more, and if i might ask for your help, could you take a look at my most recent stories like Renesmee's baby Finding My Soul and others and help me with them your an amazing writer!!!