The Anatomy of Bad Boys

The Anatomy of Bad Boys

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As he chugged the bottle of clear liquid that was tightly held in his tattooed hand, I watched his lips go to the opening and take a forbidden sip. I desperately wanted to know what they would feel like on me.

As he pulled out his third cigarette that hour, I should have asked what he was trying to gas out. But I was to focused on how he gracefully clutched the thin killing machine in his hands. I wanted to know if he would hold me like that.

I watched as he destroyed himself with every sip or inhale. He would look at me with a soulless smile, and for a moment, I forgot what I was worrying about.

See right then and there is would have murdered my bestfriend. Because even she knows burgers come before her😂😂
Wow Francesca why don't you tell us how you really feel 😂😂
Royal_hoe Royal_hoe Jul 15
Omg me and my friends. Are like that now my boyfriend is jealous of both genders hitting on me
I wish my friend would take my burger from me because if she did I would killer then show up to her funeral and eat one while they're lowering her body into the ground
gabbzi gabbzi Aug 02, 2015
you know they're best friends if they say things like that without batting an eye haha